My letter to Blue Cross of California 

I was recently turned down for health insurance by Blue Cross of California. I am 30 years old, in reasonably good health, but the reason they gave me was that I have two chronic conditions (neither life threatening).

Here is the letter I wrote them:

Dear Blue Cross of California -

Thank you for your recent rejection of my application for health insurance through your firm. While it would have been nice to have health insurance, it is far more important that corporations like Blue Cross of California keep a healthy bottom line than for a nobody like me to have the resources to afford staying healthy or the risk of health-care cost induced bankruptcy mitigated.

I understand completely why my application was rejected; after all, I have two conditions (depression AND migraines!), which would obviously be a drag on your profits. It is entirely possible, after all, that my depression could easily bloom into a full-blown MAJOR depression - and the resulting change in medication prescribed to me could really hurt Blue Cross of California's bottom line, and by proxy, would hurt America. I don't want that; obviously, neither do you.

You see, corporations like you are the life-blood of America. If not for the great catch-22 that is the Insurance industry, how could ANYBODY afford the out-of-control prices of health care in the 21st century? They couldn't! (Well, except for the 2% among us who could.) So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping America strong by rejecting my application and boosting your profits. If I am hurt in an auto accident, or have a severe migraine that requires hyper-expensive medication to stop the extreme pain, I will comfort myself by thinking of all the underwriters who remain employed by your great company, and rejoice in the six-figure (or seven-figure!) salaries of your top executives. I'm sure their kids are happy, healthy, and headed for Ivy-league schools. All thanks (in part) to the rejection of applications for health insurance of millions of Americans like me! I will see these smiling rich faces in my moment of need, and the knowledge that Blue Cross of California has had a killer quarter (no pun intended) will act as a salve for my pain.

Thank you, once again, for doing what is necessary to make America the strongest and richest country in the world. Hopefully none of the people who have been denied health insurance through your company will push for that most Communist of all evils, "socialized medicine." I've seen your reports - I know it doesn't work - but I don't know about my fellow insurance-challenged citizens. Some of them think that the insurance industry's deep aversion to single-payer health insurance is a self-serving effort. I know that you are only trying to do what is right for America, and I will try to convince everyone I can of this before I die of some easily-treatable disease.

Thank you for everything,

(my name)
Rejected Applicant
Application control ID # FX78521C